Lab 17: USER Instruction under Dockerfile

The USER directive is similar to WORKDIR, which changes the state of the environment and affects future layers. WORKDIR is to change the working directory, and USER is the identity of the commands such as RUN, CMD and ENTRYPOINT.

Of course, like WORKDIR, USER just helps you switch to the specified user. This user must be pre-established, otherwise it cannot be switched.


RUN groupadd -r redis && useradd -r -g redis redis
USER redis
RUN [ "redis-server" ]

If the script executed with root wants to change the identity during execution, such as wanting to run a service process with an already established user, don’t use su or sudo, which requires a more cumbersome configuration. And often in the absence of TTY environment. It is recommended to use [gosu] (

# Create a redis user and use gosu to change another user to execute the command
RUN groupadd -r redis && useradd -r -g redis redis
# download gosu
RUN wget -O /usr/local/bin/gosu "" \
    && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gosu \
    && gosu nobody true
# Set CMD and execute it as another user
CMD [ "exec", "gosu", "redis", "redis-server" ]


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Contributor - Sangam Biradar

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