Creating Volume with Alphine

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Getting Started

Create a Docker volume and pull Alpine image

Create a Docker volume to which you will add persistent data.

docker volume create --name mydata

Create a Docker container, attach the data volume, and add persistent data. Pull a lightweight Alpine distribution image. docker pull alpine

Create a container from Alpine and mount the volume mydata to /mnt.

docker run -ti --name client -v mydata:/mnt alpine /bin/sh

Create files in Alpine

Go to the /mnt directory, touch (create) two files, and verify they exist.

cd /mnt
touch foo.txt
touch bar.txt

Exit the container.

## Verify that the container exists and is stopped.

```docker ps -a```


##  Verify the existence of Docker volume 

Delete the container and then verify that it is gone.

docker rm client docker ps –a

## Run a new container and mount the volume mydata to /mnt again.

docker run –rm -ti -v mydata:/mnt alpine /bin/sh

## Go to the /mnt directory and observe if the files still exist.

cd /mnt ls

## Exit the container.


## Verify that the volume still exists.

docker volume ls


## Clean up artifacts. 

docker rm -f $(docker ps -aq) . docker rmi $(docker images -q) docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -q) ```

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